International admission English prep March 159,800yen


International admission English prep March 159,800yen

March in 2020, four themes are scheduled to be referred to.

(5) Industrial revolution and its impact on production

Human beings managed to apply steam power to mass production. We will be looking into the early days of its struggle. The main focus would be how the new source of power altered human behavior, lifestyles even the way people see and understand things.

(6) Voting right for women

The right to vote was admitted to women not so long ago. The first country to implement women’s vote was a country few people would come up with. We will look into its history and the changes it brought.

(7) Sea and pure water

The supply of pure water is becoming an issue in developing countries. When most people hear this statement, they would point out, “But there is plenty of seawater. Why not utilize it?”

We will see how pure water is vital to human survival and the true cost of it.

(8) Italian painters

One way to understand art is to search how it was financially aided. One of the best eras to study would be Italy in medieval. We will see financial support given by the authorities and the way fine works are passed on.